Falling off the Wagon

Sometimes you fall off the wagon. Sometimes you jump off in a blaze of glory, light it on fire, and kick it off the side of the mountain. For the last four weeks I’ve done the latter. I have all of the excuses, sure. I’ve been ridiculously sick. I had to prepare to have company over Thanksgiving. Then, ya know, Thanksgiving. Then leftovers. I started a new position at work and stress ate (and drank).

I gained eight pounds in the past month; successfully turning the age-old “it’s healthy to lose two pounds a week”on it’s head. I can use all of my excuses to justify it, but really it all boils down to one thing life happens. Fitness and living a health a lifestyle are huge priorities and huge parts of my life, absolutely. But they are not my whole life, and it would be unhealthy if they were.

Sometimes life happens. Sometimes you pick happy hour and being social over dragging yourself to the gym. Sometimes you go through major trauma, and it’s enough to just focus on getting yourself out of bed from day-to-day. Sometimes, you just don’t feel like it, and no amount of the voice in your head berating you is going to stop you from nestling into a blanket cocoon in front of Netflix.

At some point, though, whether it’s tomorrow or in two weeks, you will want to get back on the wagon. What should you do? Do you resort to extremes, say you won’t eat tomorrow to make up for the calories you consumed in excess or commit yourself to hours of cardio? Nope. You pick up where you left off before you made the leap toward Valhalla. Do you play that mental game of consistently beating yourself up “how could you be so stupid” “you’ll never ever reach your goals.” Hell no. The only way you will reach your goals in life is by telling yourself you’re already there. The plan is in place. You’re working toward it. You WILL be where you want to be and nothing can stop you. The only way to fix falling off the wagon is dusting yourself off and getting back on. That’s it. Nothing more; nothing less.

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