My resolution every year since I’ve weighed over 140 has been to lose weight. I’m pretty friggin bored with it to be honest. With the exception of getting myself down from 180 to 160 I’ve been pretty unsuccessful. I also have more muscle than I have ever had in my life but haven’t really adjusted my “weight loss” mindset to reflect that. Plus, I just like to eat. So I saw someone on Instagram say this was the first year their resolutions had nothing to do with what their body looked like and I thought “that sounds like it’ll get me some followers” no really it’s a pretty good idea.

I’m not gonna sit here and say I’m not superficial and don’t care what my body looks like. I do. Turning 28 was a kickstart for me to feel like crap about my appearance. But I’m also just so tired of trying to live up to an ideal on instagram that I don’t even think is possible to achieve. And even if I do, I’m 28 years old. I’m a little too old to be flaunting it in a bikini on the internet for likes. (I’m still gonna do that. I’m just too old for it.) So anyway, here’s my 2018 bucket list.

  1. Climb Sugarloaf
  2. Hike every trail within driving distance
  3. Write a book
  4. Finish this website
  5. Make an app
  6. Deadlift 200 lbs
  7. Squat 200lbs
  8. Bench 135lbs
  9. Snowboard downhill once
  10. Learn to surf
  11. Run a 5k
  12. Complete a Rugged Maniac
  13. Actually keep up with a self care routine
  14. Handstand
  15. Yoga 3x a week
  16. Look at at least one photo of myself without saying “ew”

One thought on “Resolutions

  1. Happy 2018, Kelsey! That list looks like a lot of fun! You are inspiring. I am hoping to take better care of my 45 year-old body this year.


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