How to Build your Butt

In the age of the #belfie there are an abundance of people out there wanting to build their butt to Kardashian level proportions. Let’s play good news/bad news. Good news: unlike with some other parts of your body (ahem lookin at you chest fat) you can give yourself a size boost in the rear end with consistency in diet and exercise. Bad news: you probably will not become the newest Kardashian “Kelly” without some major surgery. If your body type is not one that has those rounded off hips, no amount of thrusting will get you there. No amount of using the leg abductor machine (it’s the one you thank god is facing a wall in your gym because you spread your legs wide open) will add roundness to your “violin hips” no matter what Instagram models tell you. I won’t go into how the muscular anatomy works on that one, but you can easily google it if it tickles your fancy. Good news: the peach emoji is pretty attainable for most people. Bad news (ish?): if you are someone who wants to achieve the peach without building the legs, again, probably not going to happen without surgery. Most glute builders at the very least incorporate the hamstrings if not the quads. I’m not saying you’re going to look like Arnold in the 70s but your leg musculature will build a bit.

Still lookin like a peach from the back is a perfectly attainable goal for most people. Step one is perhaps the most important: utilize exercises that require you to squeeze your butt. Seems logical, no? Obviously on hip thrusts/glute bridges (check me out on Instagram if you don’t know what these are) the entire motion is created with your gluteal squeeze. But on things like squats, lunges, Romanian deadlifts, your butt should be squeezing to help lift you from the bottom part of the movement. Your butt is an accessory in a LOT of lifts. USE IT.

Step two: don’t be afraid to lift heavy weight. Progressive overload, or consistently overloading your muscles by increasing the intensity via both repetitions and weight lifted, is the way muscles grow. If you want the butt, you want your muscles to grow. You will not get bulky. Pinky promise.

Step three: you gotta eat! Muscle requires food to grow. Eating enough is the key to turning your B size butt into a Bey size butt. Still, watch your diet, but if you find yourself feeling tired and sluggish consistently you are not eating enough to match your training. Get down on some protein!

That’s really it. Life is usually a lot more simple than we like to make it. If you have any questions hit me up in the comments.

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