Fasted Cardio?

There are some people in the world who swear performing cardio “fasted” is the only way to burn body fat. What does “fasted” mean? It means you don’t eat beforehand! For some people this works really well – running or other intense cardio can make them sick to their stomach and having an empty stomach avoids that. For others it does not work very well – performing high intensity exercise without eating prior can leave your body feeling dizzy and weak. What does science say?

Scientifically speaking, there is no difference in the amount of fat burned whether you eat before or after your cardiovascular workout. What matters is how many calories you eat over the course of the day. If you eat at a deficit, fat is burned. If you don’t, it is not.

Long story short: don’t look to not eating before exercise to be your solution to fat loss. If you prefer to workout that way, that’s one thing, but fasted cardio is not the fat burning unicorn it is made out to be.

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