Quick Changes for Fat Loss

Are you trying to lose some fat but don’t know where to begin? Here are some quick tips.

  1. Cut out caloric beverages – drinks are the biggest source of excess calories for a lot of people. Try trading sparkling water for soda, black coffee for flavored coffee drinks, and limiting your alcohol intake and choosing drinks like red wine and vodka spritzers. Drinks with calories don’t fill you up but add a LOT to your daily calorie intake
  2. Cut out or back on sauces – sauces, much like caloric drinks, don’t actually fill you up or add any nutritional value but they do add excess unnecessary calories to your meals. Cut back and limit your intake of sauces like ranch, ketchup, and other dressings or swap them for things like vinegar and mustard that contain fewer calories.
  3. Snack mindfully – if you’re a grazer make sure to surround yourself with healthy snack options. Keep veggies at work so you’re not so tempted by the cake in the office. Make your own trail mix servings and pre-measured snacks so you know exactly how much food you’re getting and don’t have the opportunity to over eat.

These are 3 of the biggest problem areas people seem to have when attempting to lose fat. Start small and then when you have this mastered build on your healthy habits.

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