Let’s talk snacks

Are you a grazer? Do you need to eat something every 2 or so hours or the hanger strikes you so badly you worry you might actually end up in prison? Girl, same. The problem with being the type of person whose blood sugar dips if you even think about taking lunch 30 minutes later is it makes you more likely to just grab whatever food is near you with zero regard to what you’re putting in your face hole.

Snackers need to plan ahead to make sure they are eating healthy. Instead of trying to avoid all snacks, when you go to the grocery store pick out some healthy snacks to keep around the house. Some ideas include celery, berries, nuts, carrots, low sugar protein bars, and beef jerky.

Once you have these things, focus on portioning them out into snack size servings. Pay attention to the serving size on the package and create snack baggies based on about one serving. Then, not only should you keep some of these snack baggies in your house, but keep them every where you go. Keep some snacks in your desk. Keep some snacks in your car. The key here is to plan ahead and make sure you always have a healthy option when the hanger strikes!

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