I Will

Manifestation is very trendy right now. While I’m not super woo-woo, I do believe there is something to the idea you can will want you want to happen into existence. No, I’m not thinking like The Secret – you won’t suddenly have a million dollars because you think you should have it. But if you believe you have money, or a promotion, or a better body, or anything you can think of coming your way it can make it much easier to take the steps you need to take to get there.

Personally, whenever I realize I should probably lose some excess fat, I always knock myself down before I’m even out of the gate. I tell myself “well you’ve never done it before, so why would you be successful now?” How in the heck do you expect to achieve something if you’re already telling yourself you won’t?

I notice this a lot with Personal Training clients too. You can, but if your mind is telling you you can’t then it’s all over. You have to learn to silence that voice in your head. The one telling you no, I can’t. The one telling you you’re not good enough. The one telling you everyone hates you, you’ll never amount to anything, you’re worthless. Why are you even trying? Everyone’s just laughing at you. Seriously, tell that voice to SHUT UP. Redirect your thoughts every time it starts. Change I can’t to I can. Force yourself to do a burpee every time a negative thought comes up. Pavlov your way to self love, acceptance, and manifestation y’all. You won’t be perfect. It will be hard. But what you tell yourself is what will come to be, so tell yourself good things.

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