Push Yourself

Exercise is a great way to learn to get out of your comfort zone. While I absolutely believe you should do exercise you enjoy, you will not enjoy every minute of exercise you do. The parts of exercise that are the hardest to get through, whether it is those last 2 reps at your heaviest weight or that last sprint in spin class, are the moments that change you.

I’m not just talking about your body. Exercise helps you develop perseverance. When you prove to yourself you can stick it out through a tough weight lifting session, you prove to your mind you can stick it out through other things. You can have that difficult conversation at work or with your spouse. You can stick to eating healthy even if you’d rather eat burgers all day every day. You can make it through that Board meeting even though your bladder is screaming.

Perseverance through exercise is important too. You get better in the hardest of times. When your muscles are burning, lungs are screaming that is the point where real change happens. Those who stick it out through this are the ones who achieve their goals.

Try it in your next workout. Get yourself to the point where you would normally give up, then don’t. Say you’ll go for five minutes more, ten minutes more. Be aware of the discomfort in your body and keep going anyway. Then be amazed at how much this changes your life for the better.

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