Are you a perfectionist? I know I am. But I’m starting to realize how I use this as a crutch in my daily life. I often hold myself back from acting because I don’t feel like something is perfect yet. A perfect example is “going live” or doing a video on social media. I truly believe it’s important from an online training standpoint for my clients to be able to see me and get to know me in a more real way. There’s only so much of yourself you can send through text and captions. But, I am such an awkward person. I get in front of a camera and freeze. I feel so uncomfortable and fumble over my words. So I don’t do it. Because why do it if it can’t be perfect?

I’ve noticed this with fitness too. If I have to stop to walk once when running, I’ll just be done running. I’ve already screwed it up. It’s not perfect anymore. Why keep going? Here, hopefully, you and I are both starting to see how dumb this thought process is. Let’s pretend for a minute we don’t know perfection isn’t attainable because sometimes my brain doesn’t know that. Wouldn’t something still be better than nothing? Wouldn’t 5 more minutes of running be better than stopping in my tracks?

And wouldn’t my clients do better knowing that I’m not a perfect robot? I don’t workout every day. I have a tendency to order pizza and grab wine on the way home more often than I should. I flub my words, and I forget what I’m going to say. I get off on tangents. And so do you. So why is it such a big deal? Isn’t getting information out there that will help even just one person more important than getting it out there in a polished, shiny package?

Please, never let a need for perfection stop you from starting. Where ever you are, allow yourself to be there. You can acknowledge you can make progress without that being a mark against you or your character. A bad diet day isn’t a reason to give up the whole week. A missed day of exercise doesn’t mean you have to start again on Monday so you keep a perfect schedule. Chase your progress. Be consistent. Keep going.

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